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    Owning a home is probably every person’s dream, and in India, being the owner of a house is one of the key signs of being financially well-settled & a matter of pride. With the real-estate prices rising to the skies and the demand for buying a property is increasing proportionately, it becomes difficult for any middle-class person to purchase a home easily. So, to overcome these financial issues, Qwick Loans home loans are provided across India by banks & NBFCs where they pitch in the required finances to help prospective buyers with the needed monetary aid to buy a house or property. There are different types of home loans in the finance market that can be availed to purchase a new home, a resale home, plots, home extension, etc., and you can choose the most suitable one depending on your requirements.

    Home Loans are secured loans in which the financier will use the home or the property that you are buying as surety for the loan, and it will be under the lender’s control until the borrower repays the complete loan successfully. Since the purchased home or the property is placed as collateral, the interest rates imposed on these loans will be relatively lower than the personal loans.

    However, in case you default a loan payment or upon continued non-payment of the home loan, there are chances that the lender may seize the property, or worse case, resell or auction it. So, with a secured home loan, the risk factor for the lender is considerably low and, for the borrower it is high. Also, the lenders will approve a loan amount depending on the value of the property placed as collateral.

    At Qwick Loans, you can easily apply for quick home loans and conveniently avail up to 75 lakhs* at reasonable interest rates from prominent home loan providers, by a hassle-free process. We offer a plethora of housing loan services to assure that your financial requirements are fulfilled as per your preferences, along with manageable repayment options. Our financial team ensures that the complete process, right from applying for a suitable loan to the disbursal of the amount happens in a smooth and unstrained way.

    According to the current rate offered by our network of lenders, you can avail the home loan with lowest interest rates from 6.75% to 12%. With the lenders taking just 2-3 days’ time for the loan approval, you can get the loan approved once all your submitted documents are verified. You will get your money disbursed within no time.

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    Home Loans Eligibility

    Qwick Loans follows the Indian Government’s policies while processing a loan application, or for other finance-related services. However, different banks & NBFCs have different eligibility criteria to qualify for a personal loan with them. Listed below are the basic minimum eligibility criteria that are commonly considered by all the financial institutions in our network while providing personal loans to individuals.

    Choose a Home Loan

    Tax benefit

    Loan using for the home renovation can a tax deduction of up to 2 lakhs under section 24B.

    Options to use

    The loan amount can be used for renovation or for construction of a house.

    Higher loan amount

    There are chances of getting a higher loan amount of money with the asset pledged.


    Process a Home Loan

    Like the eligibility criteria, different banks need different documents for verification that proves the authenticity of the borrower. At Qwick Loans, along with a completely filled-in application form with a recent photograph, you may have to submit a couple of more documents, as needed by the financial institution with which you are applying for a personal loan. Mentioned below are a few documents that should be submitted for the verification process.

    Representative Example

    INR 1,00,000/- taken as a loan amount over a loan tenure of 12-months at an annual interest rate of 10.25% will have a total payback amount of Rs. 1,05,639/- with a total payable interest amount of Rs. 5,639/- and a monthly EMI of 8,803/-.

    Qwick Loans is a financial advisory platform in India that connects creditworthy borrowers with trustworthy financial institutions like the banks & NBFCs, to provide suitable fundraising options for individual applicants & for businesses across India, at the most considerable interest rates. The finally imposed interest rates will be dependent on various aspects like the borrowing loan amount, loan type, loan tenure, borrower’s credit score, financial record, employment details, income, and other relevant factors. The borrowed loan amount will have to be paid back as per the scheduled repayment plan, as decided by the borrower & the financier.


    Housing Loans in India

    Loan Information
    Interest rates Starts from 8.5%
    Processing fee It ranges from ₹4999 - 1% and differs according to the banks
    Loan Tenure 12 months to 96 months
    Loan Amount ₹ 1 Lakh - ₹ 100 Crore
    Lock-in period It depends on lender to lender
    Pre-closure charges It depends on lender to lender
    Guarantor Required It depends on the conditions

    Personal Loan FAQ's

    Is a collateral required?

    Yes, you will be asked to put any of your asset or property as a surety with the lender.

    How much loan money can be borrowed?
    The eligible loan amount will depend on various factors, but the maximum amount can be borrowed is 75 lakhs.
    What is the credit score required?
    You need to have >700 credit score in order to get the loan approved with the amount you want.
    How much could be the interest rate?

    The interest rate charged by different lenders could range from 6.75% to 12%.